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Edenred is a French company specialized in prepaid corporate services. The Group is independent since June 2010 following the split with Accor. Formerly known as Accor Services, Edenred is the inventor of Ticket Restaurant, created in 1962, and a leading distributor of meal vouchers. Today, Edenred offers solutions for employee benefits, loyalty programs, fleet and mobility, and corporate payment.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for McKesson on Indeed in August 2020:

"Very laidback culture and outdated data systems. Room for career advancement is very limited. Only top management will get recognition and hard work. The most enjoyable part of the job is having to work with some colleagues who are also your friends. The hardest part is showing favoritism among people and low pay and benefits."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"A) DISHONEST. They tell us company is not doing well. But check their 2020 revenues, it's on google. Q1 + Q2 Revenue = Euro 696 million. B) ZERO concern for employees wellbeing. They suddenly send us an email for townhall meeting, annouce they are sold to Sodexo and sack everyone. C) They call themselves MNC but have attitude of grocery shop owners. D) We support company in tough times. Yet they sack us, inspite of making Net Profit = Euro 100 million in 2020 so far. E) They have another company called Accentiv' India. Even many of their employees have been sacked. God knows if they will sell Accentiv' also and spoil more careers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Outdated technologies -Incompetence of key personal especially from technology department - Not listening to actual ground feedback -Poor management and culture -Strong favouritism"

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Too much chaos and incompetent managers"

Former Employee - IT Professional says

"After the HR director was removed. This meant many people which looked similar would be removed afterwards. {Read between the lines.} Horrible working conditions Terrible management No eating area available Work overload - Pay low Avoid for your lives sake"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. not a place for people who are sincere, hard working and innovative. 2. in many dept specially in IT, you hardly see any hard working person, they keep working on same old websites and provide top up solutions by adding on it, never do any new work.All websites are so old fashion that do not know how customer use them 3. you will see IT people running here and there like a chicken, if you are serious person work oriented and join this company, you will feel left alone after some days 4. Top management only care about those employees who keep buy presents/free coffee or butter polish, if you are serious work person and do not know how to make top management happy, you will never get your bonus, no attention from them in spite your hard work."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Edenred Italy: the attempt to renew itself is only apparent: the company remains highly static, disorganized, old and characterized by the total absence of personal and professional growth prospects. Inefficient management. Bad staff management. It proceeds by inertia thanks to a favorable tax regime. Skilled in mystifying during the interview."

Current Employee - Client Services Manager says

"terrible management, no strategy, you have to make up excuses to clients all the time for malfunctioning systems. IT systems are always failing. Most people are running around the office like headless chickens most of the time. The most common answer to any question is "I don't know" you are expected to work evenings and weekends and even on Christmas. Low salary the benefits which seem good on paper are actually a waste of time, no one uses them if you don't believe how bad the company is go and check trustpilot."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Under performing staffs who joined the company from connections, gossip throughout the day and only start working when it's nearing end work time and hence "OT" was seen as "hardworking"."

Former Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"Limited career growth. Doesn’t reward based on performance. Micromanage way too much. System and technology too old. Underperforming staffs everywhere but management seem to turn a blind eye. Pay is rather pathetic compared to outside market."

Current Employee - Data Entry says

"No HR professionals, Management just concern about the Money they gain without caring how many hours you are forced to work, unhealthy condiciones, I could keep going.."

ejecutivo de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Pesima entrevista contratacion outsourcing sueldo bajo 5500 mas comisiones"

preparateur de commande (Former Employee) says

"Management inexistant et incompétence dans la façon de gérer le personnel pendant la mission et après, société tres hypocrite dans l'ensemble Recrutement de personnes peu qualifiées dans le savoir être au travail voir cas sociaux...trop de personnels recrutés sous le statut d'handicape."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"Cette ets est catastrophique, elle licencie les gens sans remord. Le salaire est pitoyable. Les responsables affreux par leurs comportements. J'ai été licencié honteusement. Je ne conseils pas aux personnes de postuler.Aucun point positifPleins"

Commercial sédentaire B to B (Former Employee) says

"Cette entreprise, au service VAD PME 20-49 a évolué pendant plus de 5 mois sans manager et ne s'est souciée a aucun moment de l'encadrement de ses collaborateurs Le N+2 en poste actuellement n'a aucun sens du management, de l'encadrement, du conseil, ou de la transmission du savoirproximité de ParisCulture du service VAD a revoir entierement"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Very laidback culture and outdated data systems. Room for career advancement is very limited. Only top management will get the recognition and hard work. Most enjoyable part of the job is having to work with some colleagues who are also your friends. Hardest part is showing favoritism among people and low pay and benefits.good work life balancelow pay/benefits, top management has poor management skills, strong favoritism among certain people, limited career growth"

PRODUCT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Very authoritative place - most employees are promoted from small positions within and used to slave like management. Extremely strict and would not feel like software industry. outsiders would not be able to survive that toxic environment. hires and fires quickly. HR spies on everything and need permission for every thing including speaking to colleagues. There is a difference between management and other employees and management not allowed to maintain cordial relation with other employees.free snacks and fruitsauthoritative, watches on video cameras, treats like slaves"

Senior Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"The most corrupt and deceptive company. The policies are only benefitting the higher management. Not a company to make your career with. No clarity of job roles or any set strategy of the head of department. Never gives any KPIs to team members. Think 1million times if you get offer from this company. It operates by the name of C3 card in UAE."

Responsable commercial (Former Employee) says

"Un management à la "France Loisir" Zero qualité seule quantité..Tickets RestaurantAucune culture d'entreprise"

Agent de sécurité (Former Employee) says

"La societe est surveiller meme au pres des agents de securité alors imagine les agents qui bosse dans les bureauxLe cafe est gratuitIl peuveut te vire a tous moment"

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"1. stressful work place 2. lots of partiality 3. No job security 4. do not apply if you are hard worker and want to grow in your career, its waste of your time, you will spend all your time to keep happy other top management people which is most difficult task and if you fail to do so, you will loose your at any point of time.month paid voucher for some fixed amountlong hours, stress, lots of noise all around the places."

Responsable commercial (Current Employee) says

"Entreprise vendant des avantages aux salariés et communiquant sur le bien-être, la rse...le paradoxe ?! c est tout le contraire : pression de malade, process internes imbuvables, Non respect des clients ( regardez les avis sur custplace) et des salariés avec environ 50 % de turnover, déplacements coûteux et polluants pour des réunions sans fin et sans intérêt, managers Excel et «  y a qu a / faut qu’on ». Bref ,méfiance si vous postulez, on vous fera rêver mais le réveil sera difficile !Ticket restaurantPression, process imbuvables, piètre qualité du service client"

Net Developer (Former Employee) says

"incapable managers No Career progress High turn over (at least 1 every month from IT department) Old system and old technologies with lot of issues(promised to new joiners that it will be updated but no improvement for long time) Internal politics (You can only survive if you behind them ) Under performing staffs who joined the company from connections Lack of recruitment process"

Chargée de marketing et communication (Former Employee) says

"Ayant travaillé 3 ans chez Edenred, je ne peux que recommander de fuir. Les salariés sont très limités en terme d'ouverture d'esprit et très hypocrites. Ils continuent de faire du marketing des années 2000, sans vouloir mettre à jour aucun outil. Il n'y a qu'a regarder les tickets resto pour voir que mise à part quelques nouvelles couleurs et une nouvelle image avec une pastèque rien n'a changé, ni les partenaires, ni les méthodes de travail. Je travaillais sur un back office qui datait de 2004 ! Le management c'est du grand n'importe quoi, ceux qui ont trouvés la planque ne se gênent pas pour écraser les autres, leur voler leur travail, les accuser à tord, mais surtout les humilier entre 4 murs. Je me tapais 4h de transports chaque jour pendant les grèves, alors que ma collègue elle pouvait "bosser" en télétravail. Aucune évolution de carrière, de proposition RIEN, que des critiques chaque jour. Je travaillais avec 2 personnes qui étaient comme Q et chemises et elles faisaient leur petites lois sur les apprentis. Environnement très stressant. N'essayez même de proposer de nouvelles idées pour faire évoluer le marketing, on se moquera de vous et vous rabaissera ! A fuir !!!"

Anonyme (Former Employee) says

"Vire ses salariés en fin de période d’essais! J’ai jamais vu autant de personne se faire virer dans toute la vie professionnelle et de plus de façon humiliante ! Manager hypocrite voir agressif! Si vous n’êtes pas Directeur ou commercial n’espérez pas avec une place de parking (pourtant quasi vide)! Veut se donner l’image d’une entreprise qui prône l’équilibre pro/perso, jeune et dynamique...Quel leurre ! Dommage car cela aurait pu être une très belle entreprise.Locaux (si vous êtes au 1er)Tellement !"

CHARGEE DE CLIENTELE (Current Employee) says

"Aucune évolution de carrière malgré un investissement certain. Traitements inégaux entre managers et salariés Salaire très basTicket restaurantAucun reconnaissance"

Commercial terrain (Former Employee) says

"Une entreprise nuisible pour la santé psychique des collaborateurs. Un vrai malaise dès l'accueil. Des managers qui vous harcèlent, des propos misogynes. Le principe de travail égal salaire égal n'existe pas, dans une équipe commerciale, variable différent d'un commercial à un autre autre pour exactement la même mission...bref une prime à la tête du salarié. Une DRH qui ne sait plus ce qu'est l'humain. Plusieurs licenciements abusifs mais l'entreprise à une enveloppe Prud'hommes... On pousse les salariés à la démission plutôt que procéder à un plan social.( Dématérialisation oblige, l'entreprise à besoin de moins d'hommes). Résultat une ambiance immonde, à la limite de France Telecom à ses heures sombres... UN CONSEIL FUYEZ TRES TRES LOIN"

Chargée de clientèle (Former Employee) says

"Ambiance Zéro que du stress ils te vendent du rêve, salaire très bas, manager pas formé voir même agressif et brutal et 100% hypocrites, il n’aiment pas les têtes fortes, tu dois être profil très bas pour être apprécié, entreprise qui virent les salariés sans aucun remord du jamais vu, les clients sont mal traités par téléphone surtout catastrophe je ne conseille personne de postuler a centre relatiin client makàkôff"

Analista contable (Former Employee) says

"La gerente y el supervisor del área de Conciliaciones no saben hacer nada, te piden hacer reportes muy absurdos y te presionan demasiado, y aparte el sueldo para un analista es super bajo, y aparte si no estas de lambiscon con ellos no progresasPrestacionesSi no eres barbero con los jefes no progresas"

Conseillère clientèle (Former Employee) says

"C'est une société qui n'est pas organisée voire archaïque en relation client Un manager qui décide du jour au lendemain de modifier des termes hors contrat juste pour te faire .... Une tête à claqueAucunLes mangers qui te prennent pour une pomme"

Consultor Externo (Former Employee) says

"Puede mejorar en temas Administrativos y operativos ya que carece de un benchmarking adecuadoSeguro de gastos médicosLiderazgo"

Travel chahinaz says

"very bad experience, customer service is very poor, I sent over 10 emails never had replied, I called several times they open the call then hung up,called again no help at end I lost my vouchers. school should not deal with this company. very unhelpful ."

Jo Barnard says

"I've spent a month trying to figure out how the voucher code works - turns out the free school meal codes are redeemable NOT on the free school meal page but on the groceries page. No-one has mad that clear and it's only by trial and error over now the fifth attempt to redeem vouchers that I've succeeded."

Sarah says

"Thank you !!!"

Amy says

"This customer service team is non existent. I have tried to contact them multiple times and have had no reply! I received some compliment vouchers from a previous employer but due to the pandemic I have been unable to spend them as they are in store only. Absolutely ridiculous waste of time to find out that I’m going to lose them anyway"

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